• 25 years of experience in mental health law and defense of healthcare professionals.

  • Consults with mental health professionals on ethical issues, reporting requirements, business practices and malpractice preventions.

  • Provides training on ethical compliance, standards of practice, record keeping practices and risk management.

  • Represents therapists in defense of malpractice claims and licensing board matters. For a consultation call 719.636-1017 or send email to: denis@ethicalstudies.net (or through this site).

  • Author of The Legal Guide for Practicing Psychotherapy in Colorado (2006 Edition) Bradford Publishing, Denver, Colorado.

Key Features:

Since the publication of its first edition in 1992, The Legal Guide for Practicing Psychotherapy in Colorado has become the standard for information on compliance with Colorado laws for the practice of psychotherapy in the state. The book provides a comprehensive description of the Colorado statutes that pertain to mental health professionals in the areas of malpractice and professional liability, restricting client liberties, licensing considerations, business concerns, and important ethical issues.

  • Explains the psychotherapist’s duty of confidentialty and exceptions to that duty
  • Gives recommendations for maintaining client records
  • Discusses concerns related to releasing client files and records
  • Clarifies licensing issues, grievance procedures, prohibited activies, and unlawful acts
  • Discusses best practices for avoiding malpractice and professional liability
  • Illustrates the different types of business entities available to mental health professionals who want to protect personal assets
  • Includes sample Colorado legal forms recommended for use in mental health practices